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Patch 26

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Patch 26 Notes

  • [Added] Bases will give rating when being blown up (for attackers) or after their vulnerability (for defenders)
  • [Added] Beginnings of non-Jedi player bounties (requires a bounty hunter terminal placed inside of a house; this will come later)
  • [Added] Beginnings of Master-Apprentice system
  • [Fixed] A player will once again be stood up if they are knocked down, or posture changed, while they are already knocked down or prone
  • [Fixed] A player will be stood up from kneeling if a posture change or knockdown fails
  • [Fixed] Warcry will never miss the target, but can still fail to apply
  • [Fixed] Intimidate will apply as long as the attack itself lands, and the proper miss flytext will now appear
  • [Fixed] Bounty Hunters with Creature Handler will now be attackable to targets when pets initiate combat
  • [Fixed?] Mounting a vehicle should no longer cause issues with TEFs
  • [Fixed] A TEF should no longer stay after cloning if the player that died was covert
  • [Fixed] SaberPolearmDervish2, SaberTwoHandedPhantom and SaberOneHandedFlurry2 all have 15m ranges

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