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[FAQ] General Server Information

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Frequently Asked Questions


This FAQ is a compilation of all potentially important questions that the community, whether they be new or not, should know prior to playing on the server. Generally questions and concerns that are commonly asked will be added here, as well as any potential information that a player is required to know, for instance when dealing with a bug that hinders a player in some way. If you find that a question you believe is important is not listed, please send me a PM so I can add it to the list.



Q. What should I know prior to connecting?

A. Terms of Service


Q. How do I connect to the server?

A. Connection Guide


Q. Why must we be administratively accepted?

A. The first and main reason for this is to simply weed out any account that are spam accounts. The second reason is simply to allow us to keep an eye on newly created accounts in order to enforce our one account per household rule. This is also why we express in multiple areas that you must PM an administrator after registering.


Q. What is an Account Link?

A. Account Link is a sidebar widget created specifically for Veers Elite in order to ease the in-game account creation process. This widget automatically creates an account based on your forum username and password, in order to "link" the two together. This helps us know who you are when you ask for help on the forums, etc.


Q. Why do I get "Invalid Password" when using the Account Link?

A. The Account Link system is not perfect. It has troubles with long passwords, and typically that is the main issue. If you get this error, change your forum account password to something shorter, and then use the link again.


Q. What is the best way to find players?

A. There are two ways to find other players. You can either follow this guide to join the Server-Wide Chat, or you can join us on RaidCall which is a free voice communication application that many of us use. Either (if not both) solution will be a more effective way of communication and allow you to find players to group with for PvE, PvP, or just to relax and talk to. With Patch 23, Server-Wide Chat (or "general") is automatically joined upon logging in.


Q. What is this server aiming for?

A. We are aiming to be a Publish 14.1 (Live) compliant server dedicated to bringing back as close as possible mechanics and gameplay. We strive to maintain the "vanilla" aspect of the game while enhancing the experience only by simple means such as administratively driven events, establishment of a close-knit community, and having a focus on PvP aspects. Future concepts such as items from the later years of the game (Combat Upgrade and the New Game Enhancements) will be discussed at a later date. There is an exception to our goal however, and that is if a change is thought to be done for the better in terms of either enhancing player experience, fixing some form of bug or exploit, or improving server stability in some way, shape, or form. An example of this is our usage of the Pre-13.1 factional system called the Temproary Enemy Flag (TEF) system.


Q. What can I find on the Blue Frog?

A. The frog is setup to allow for players to jump into the fray of PvP as soon as they create a character on the server. A player will be able to find weapons, food, and even armor. All of these items will have stats comparable to the current top-end non-enhanced crafted items. On top of that a player is able to buff from the frog, for once again non-enhanced buff pack stats. Most important however, is that we allow for all non-Jedi skills to be trained with no credit cost allowing you to get a regular full template created in a few minutes.


GCW Specific

Q. What is the TEF System?

A. The TEF, or Temporary Enemy Flag, system is a factional system that was set in place prior to Publish 13.1 on the Live version of Star Wars Galaxies. A Temporary Enemy Flag is handed out to players who are covert. Covert means that a player's faction alignment is hidden from view of other players but they are still factionally aligned with a side. While you are covert, you do not have the ability to attack other players, the only way to attack players is if you declare yourself overt, or factionally attackable. While overt, any player who is also overt of the opposite faction can attack you and of course you them. There are specific rules however for a covert player to temporarily gain the ability to attack an overt player, leading to interesting tactics and turn of events. This temporary ability to attack is the actual TEF.


Q. How do you obtain a TEF?

A. There are a few ways to obtain a TEF in this system. One way to obtain a TEF is to openly attack any NPC of the opposite faction. While you are covert, you are not able to attack other players, however your hidden faction alignment will allow you to attack factionally aligned NPCs of the opposite side. When you attack an NPC, or if an NPC attacks you, you will gain said TEF. Another way to obtain a TEF is to heal a player who is overt and on your side. With this system comes the ability to interact with overt players, rather than be separated off completely from them. Overt players can heal players who are covert and neutral, and while covert players are able to heal neutral members as well, they can also heal overt members (please note that neutral players may only heal covert members that do not have a TEF). Another way is by being scanned via a covert faction scanner, of which also gives you a TEF. The last way to obtain a TEF is by what are known as Group TEFs, in which players can obtain a TEF by one person in the group being attacked. Please be aware that overt players may also obtain a TEF, and will be explained with the specific rules below.


Q. What are the rules with a TEF?

A. Now that you know how to obtain a TEF, there are a few rules that you must know about them. First and foremost, any TEF will go away after five (5) minutes of out of combat activity. The second you are put back into combat, the timer will reset, and only after you have left combat will it start to count down again. Secondly, while you have a TEF, you may only be attacked by the opposite faction's overt players. You are not able to attack first. You must either be directly attacked, or have some form of area attack hit you to obtain what is called a "reprisal". This reprisal grants you the ability to attack back, and you will notice obtaining this when the overt players of the opposite faction become red to you as well. Do be careful when obtaining a TEF, as you will be locked out of both public and private player structures even if you are the owner, on the entry list, or on the admin list of said structure. Please be aware as well, that if you stand in front of a door you may be attacked, and if you are attacked you will be kicked out of the structure upon obtaining a TEF while inside. This alone is the reason for overt players also obtaining a TEF, of which is to easily track when a player is allowed in a structure. Lastly, Group TEFs have their own complex ruleset. For regular groups, overt members within the group will obtain a TEF as soon as any other overt player in the group is attacked, as long as they are within range of 128m. Coverts are also influenced this way, and can obtain a TEF from an overt player in the group being attacked with the same range limitation. Both of these scenarios however do not give the player a reprisal, and they must be attacked first. Bounty Hunter groups are a little different, however. In a bounty hunter group, any and all covert or overt members in the group will obtain a TEF only if they are the opposite faction of the target, and once again will not obtain a reprisal and must be attacked first. Be aware that due to the structure of Group TEFs, the target may also use this mechanic to their advantage to counter the hunter's group.


Q. What are the known issues with this system?

A. While the TEF system is working correctly, and mechanics of the system itself are not an issue, there are a few minor things to note. Firstly, a covert and lower player should have their faction hidden and only visible while overt, as was described above. This currently is not the case, and you will have your faction's insignia displayed next to your player name regardless of your status (covert or overt). Secondly, NPCs should be yellow to both covert and overt players and once again is currently not the case.


Jedi Specific

Q. How do I obtain Jedi?

A. Obtaining Jedi Guide


Q. What are Force Sensitive skills?

A. Force Sensitive skills were a buffer for the 14.1 unlock system called the Village to limit a Jedi's power. These skills required a player to grind out regular experience and then convert it into Force sensitive experience in order to train the boxes. The skill trees themselves were unlocked via the actual village, which was a quest driven themepark designed to slow down the unlock of Jedi with it's artificial time requirements (a phase system that shifted roughly every few weeks). Currently these skills are used to only limit the power of a Jedi and are not used for their other purpose of slowing down an unlock. Please note, you only require twenty-four (24) skill points invested in Force Sensitive skills. Each box is worth one (1) skill point and you are thus required to have twenty-four (24) boxes. Do NOT obtain more than the required limit, as the only way to remove them is to drop every Jedi skill that you may have, and drop down to the Force sensitive progression box. Admins will NO LONGER be helping players if this issue occurs as it is a 14.1 requirement that is documented in multiple older guides, this FAQ, and even our own unlock guide.


Q. Why is it required to grind Jedi?

A. The reason is strictly PvP oriented. Being able to change your template as a Jedi on-the-fly through the blue frog is disastrous during PvP. A normal character has some form of balance beam effect in that one profession has advantages as well as disadvantages, and overall switching templates is something that is done with careful consideration. With Jedi, it has always been full of more advantages than disadvantages. A Jedi is capable of healing their mind, having a semi-permanent burst run, attacking from ranged and melee distances, as well as having defensive buffs depending on template chosen. PvP should be based on the template you have chosen when considering Jedi, or the PvP starts to become less engaging.


Q. Why is it when I use /findMyTrainer I get a waypoint to 0, 0 Tatooine?

A. There is currently an issue with the way /findMyTrainer works. It's been a bug we have had for quite some time that we have yet to sit down to take a look into. If you get this bug, where you have 0, 0 Tatooine as the waypoint to your trainer (obviously incorrect) drop the padawan progression box, kneel near a Force shrine again, and meditate. Right after this, use /findMyTrainer and see if you have a proper waypoint. Repeat this until you have acquired a proper waypoint. This currently is the only fix to this issue, and we apologize for the inconvenience.


Q. Why did I lose a box after being killed?

A. During 14.1, the only ramification you had from a death was a loss in experience if you were death-blown by a bounty hunter, cloned or regained consciousness. That is how it is here as well, however we have also added a non-14.1 aspect into the mix. Random box loss. Every Jedi who has gotten a third tier skill box in any Jedi related profession, has a 5% chance of losing a randomly selected box from the highest tier they have. As an example, a double mastery full templated Jedi has the potential upon death of losing one of their two master boxes. The reason for this addition is to make the Jedi grind undesirable so as to limit the number of Jedi a single player can create, and thus preempt a potential issue of farming oneself for FRS experience. It should be noted that when you enter the FRS, this skill box loss is no longer in effect.


Q. What is "visibility" and how is it accumulated?

A. Visibility is a hidden modifier that gets accumulated over the course of time based on certain criteria that when reaching a certain amount, puts a Jedi onto the Bounty Hunter terminals. The basics of the criteria are that if you are within thirty-two meters (32m) of a player character or humanoid NPC, you will gain a certain percentage of visibility based on the specific action you take. Actions can be in the form of a few different things. First and foremost equipping a lightsaber or robe are the first action, initiating combat or retaliating to combat with a lightsaber (specials or default attack) is the second, and using any Jedi-related ability that consumes Force is the last. Any grouped humanoid NPCs or players will still contribute to visibility. Visibility will decay over time as long as you do not take any action that should increase it. In general terms, think of visibility as a value that determines how long you will be available on the terminals for. Let it decay completely, and you will be taken off the terminals; however the length of time to fully decay is roughly three (3) weeks.


Q. Where can I find color crystals?

A. These are the best NPCs to farm to find Color Crystals:

Hutt Expedition Force Surveyor (Yavin IV)
Hutt Expedition Force Leader (Yavin IV)
Lost Aqualish Marksman (Talus)
Marooned Pirate Engineer (Lok)
Lord Nyax Disciple (Corellia)
Lost Aqualish Marshal (Talus)
Lost Aqualish Bomber (Talus)
Alkhara Champion (Tatooine)
Weequay Captain (Tatooine)
Binayre Swindler (Talus)
Narmle Commander (Rori)
Binayre Chief (Talus)
Nym Surveyer (Lok)
Marauder (Endor)
Mokk (Dantooine)
Jinda (Endor)


Q. Where can I find power crystals / pearls?

A. Pearls can only be found on Krayt Dragons on Tatooine. However these are the best NPCs to farm to find Power Crystals:

Singing Mountain Clan (Dathomir)
Wild Force Wielders (Dantooine)
Nightsisters (Dathomir)
Spiderclan (Dathomir)
Lokian Pirates (Lok)
Tuskens (Tatooine)
Kunga (Dantooine)
Janta (Dantooine)
Ewoks (Endor)
Korga (Endor)


Q. What is the Force Ranking System?

A. The Force Ranking System, or FRS, was essentially an optional meta-game implemented specifically for Jedi. A Jedi that was full template was able to perform a small myriad of quests called the "knight trials" that gave them access to a system in which their main focus was PvP. A Jedi would become permanently overt and were given bonuses as they climbed through the ranks. Each rank was able to give the Jedi increased Force power, better costs on their Force abilities, defensive boosts, as well as increased damage in some cases.


Q. How do I join the Force Ranking System?

A. Currently the way to go about joining the FRS is much more simplified than it was in Live. We currently have it set to simply joining a factional side based on the enclave you would like to join. To join the lightiside you would join the Rebellion, and to join the darkside you would join the Empire. The next step is to visit a Force shrine, kneel in front of it as per usual, and then select "meditate" once again. This will bring up a choice selection box, in which you would choose the side you would like to join. If you are of the opposite faction it will notify you and you can either meditate again, or leave to change your faction. Once you select the side you want, you will be entered into the system as a rank member, set permanently overt, given a waypoint in your datapad to your enclave, and be given a knight robe.


Q. How does the Force Ranking System work?

A. The FRS works as follows. Once you join the ranks, you are required to kill the opposing enclave's member Jedi in order to gain Force rank experience, of which is used to petition for the next rank level at the voting terminal at your enclave. Once you hit rank one, you will be required to pay a maintenance fee of your current rank times one-hundred (100) every twenty-four (24) hours to stay in your rank. Failure to pay this maintenance, or being below the minimum requirement of rank experience upon a maintenance cycle, will force the system into demoting you one rank level. The minimum requirement is listed in the Holocron under the Force Ranking System section. Please be aware that currently we have it set to also require a set amount of PvP Rating per rank to obtain. The minimum amount required is 1260. The other amounts of rating will not be divulged in hopes to spur more PvP. You will only require rating at the time of petitioning for the rank, afterwards if you drop below the required amount of rating you will not be demoted. The ranks are limited to a set amount of players per rank, lowered from Live standards due to our low population, but in the act of a demotion the ranks will be overloaded. Please note that you cannot be kicked out of the FRS unless you drop it completely, or an admin removes you.

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