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    I just wanted to say thank you to those of you who have donated to Veers. This will help us out a lot in order to keep the VPN up so we don't run into any DDoS'ing issues. It's in the United States as well, so that means your pings will remain relatively low, possibly a few points higher than normal. I just wanted to elaborate a little bit on the goal so everyone knows what's up with it. Basically, about half of the current monetary goal is going to go directly to the VPN. It's an annual payment, thus the title of the donation goal being annual. The rest, the other half, is going to be set aside for now for hardware upkeep and potential upgrades. Before anything is done with the money, we'll be posting about it here to explain what it'll be used for. The goal is "complete" but should still be able to be donated to, so we can go over the goal, of which, all funds going over the goal will once again be set aside for future use and will not be touched unless specifically for the server in some way. So thanks again for the help, as this is really something that was a big issue for us in trying to find a way to keep the VPN. If you have any questions feel free to PM us or post in the Support section and we'll do our best to answer.
  2. Forum section removed. We all know how much of a disappointment it was. If you don't play here, don't use our forum. End of discussion. It was added at first to give those who played both servers a place to talk about Basilisk if necessary, and it was given relaxed rules to be similar to the pit as a courtesy. We let it go on, and then certain people took it too far.
  3. If you would like access to the Basilisk sub-forum, please PM an administrator to be added to the Basilisk Sub-Forum secondary group. The Basilisk sub-forum is now locked with a password but any members who are part of the secondary group are exempt from needing to enter the password. The announcement in the PvP Discussion section will be enabled indefinitely for new players in order to know how to access said forum, eventually this post will be removed as it's sole purpose is to just let current members know how to gain access. Thank you.
  4. Just something to note: On top of the one account per player restriction, we also have a five character per account limit. This will hopefully spur a more community oriented server as you cannot have one character for everything now. This will make individual character and temporary bans options for admins now, as well as make account bans an actual consequence that matters. We will be expanding the account link system to show a list of characters in the future as well as any and all bans acquired. Time remaining on temporary bans will also be shown eventually. Please be aware that while accounts are now linked across the forum and game we still have separate services in terms of banning. So just because you are banned from the game doesnt mean you will be banned from the forum and vica versa. We will consider fully linking these accounts at a later time but this gives us more flexibility at present. Enjoy your time on Veers Elite!
  5. Acceptable Use Policy This AUP is a detailed contract for all administrative members that details out, as straight forward as possible, what forms of administrative usage are and are not permitted to occur on the server at all times. Please note, while this policy list will be adhered to as strictly as possible there will be potential scenarios not covered or documented. Upon encountering such scenarios the ultimate decision will be laid down upon either Mixxer or Dreadlow depending on availability. All decisions may be questioned at any time to the opposite of whom laid judgement first. Decisions may be altered at any time but judgement will be based on the rules stated below at the time of each scenario. Every rule below applies to every administrative player on the server regardless of hierarchy unless explicitly stated. Reporting Players may report administrative misuse or abuse. Accusations towards any administrative member are required to have documented (screenshot, recording, etc.) proof that is clearly portrayed and timestamped. All forms of proof should be raw and non-altered, any such alteration will void said proof when provided. Multiple forms of proof from different and unique sources are required for validity. Abuse of said reporting is not permitted and may invoke consequences on said player. Guidelines General GMRevive will not be used outside of events. Exceptions are for fixing bugs that are plaguing a player. Use of the command must be agreed upon by the administrator and player. [*]EditStats will not be used outside of events. Exceptions are for fixing bugs that are plaguing a player. Use of the command must be agreed upon by the administrator and player. [*]KillPlayer will not be used outside of events. Exceptions are for fixing bugs that are plaguing a player. Use of the command must be agreed upon by the administrator and player. [*]Kill will not be used outside of events. [*]Loot will not be generated at any time unless for special events that have been approved. [*]The creation of items for personal use will not be allowed. Events The creation of items as rewards will only be allowed during special events that warrant a reward. Special events must be discussed and approved by the entire administrative team prior to hosting. Limit two (2) special events per month. [*]Regular events will not include NPCs that give loot unless approved by the entire administrative team. Event NPCs are to be used at regular events, no exceptions.
  6. Dreadlow

    Patch 26

    Patch 26 Hotfix 1 Notes [Fixed] Crash when using a Bounty Hunter terminal
  7. Dreadlow

    Patch 26

    Patch 26 Notes [Added] Bases will give rating when being blown up (for attackers) or after their vulnerability (for defenders) [Added] Beginnings of non-Jedi player bounties (requires a bounty hunter terminal placed inside of a house; this will come later) [Added] Beginnings of Master-Apprentice system [Fixed] A player will once again be stood up if they are knocked down, or posture changed, while they are already knocked down or prone [Fixed] A player will be stood up from kneeling if a posture change or knockdown fails [Fixed] Warcry will never miss the target, but can still fail to apply [Fixed] Intimidate will apply as long as the attack itself lands, and the proper miss flytext will now appear [Fixed] Bounty Hunters with Creature Handler will now be attackable to targets when pets initiate combat [Fixed?] Mounting a vehicle should no longer cause issues with TEFs [Fixed] A TEF should no longer stay after cloning if the player that died was covert [Fixed] SaberPolearmDervish2, SaberTwoHandedPhantom and SaberOneHandedFlurry2 all have 15m ranges
  8. Resolved with Patch 24 Hotfix 1.
  9. Thanks to a long development process we have finally reached zoning of JTL elements, as well as atmospheric flight! Here's a quick video showcasing true JTL, in the space sector of Corellia. [media=''] [/media] We've made a huge step in JTL atmospheric flight programming, so now as of the moment Bloodfin Veers Elite is a closed server. For the record, this is a troll post. However, we DO have JTL and atmospheric flight.
  10. Update: Thanks to Mixxer, this should be fixed now. If there seems to be any issues with crashing prior to the 2.5 hour mark from this point on, please let us know in the Support section! We're very lucky to have Mixxer on our team; he's not only an invaluable asset in terms of Pre-CU information, but he also is a very competent Server Administrator. Thanks Mixxer!
  11. As a side note, this also means a few fixes / additions slipped through without being documented anywhere, so think of this as a pseudo patch notes as well (these will be on the regular patch notes whenever the next official patch is released, and some may be removed / changed): [Fixed] Most of the TEF system (TEFs will no longer be reversed, permanent TEFs should be non-existant, killing an NPC will no longer drop your TEF mid-combat. Healing an Overt player may still cause the TEF to drop mid-combat). [Fixed] Jedi are able to be outside healed during a bounty mission (this was not a planned fix, this was actually removed due to the start of Group TEFs being coded, but I never reverted back to enable it again, since this was urgent). [Fixed] FRS rank PvP rating requirements lowered (this was to be tested relatively thoroughly before release, however, once again this urgent situation dictated I push things quickly. I will not be divulging what the new requirements are). I wanted to quickly let everyone know of the changes, as two of the three were in-development stages, and not meant to be released (outside healing and FRS PvP rating), however two of the three are alright to push as-is (TEF fix and FRS PvP rating) and will cause no harm, and most likely actually help now that they're pushed earlier. I once again apologize for the inconvenience and for the sudden undocumented changes.
  12. Veers Elite was down for about an hour due to some unforeseen error. At first, it was down to just edit Binary Liquids so that they would drop. However upon re-loading the server, it started to error displaying "No such file" in reference to getPlayerObject() (a function) which was specifically caused by the FRS maintenance task. This is where I would like to point out that the error was not caused by any form of update. In fact, I haven't touched the server in over two weeks in terms of updating the code. The most we've done in that time period, were LUA updates. As well, the server's been working fine for said two weeks, doing everything including the maintenance task. So basically: the server literally just randomly broke... and I have not a single clue why. For the mean time, as everything I've tried doesn't seem to work (replacing the executable, recompiling it, using an older version), I've just opted to completely disable the FRS maintenance task. You will no longer pay maintenance per day as a rank above Rank Member. HOWEVER, please be aware, at the moment of the maintenance being re-enabled, you will backpay any and all maintenance costs that you would normally have incurred. This is a warning for all of those who are above Rank Member. So Rank 1 and higher are the only players this applies to. But I thought it necessary to explain, just incase someone obtained ranks during this time period. Apologies for the inconvenience. We will be restarting the server in it's restart script shortly, as currently it's locked (to test if it'll stay up for a bit) in a debug mode.
  13. Fixed this and will be pushing the patch soon. Upon dropping Investigation 3 you will fail and lose any and all (you can only have one anyway) BH mission you may have.
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